Why Sustainable Healthcare?


End health inequity


Lead healthier lives

Estimates are that more than 1 trillion dollars have been spent on development and aid over the last sixty years. The team at Bridge to Health believes that in order for projects to be sustainable and impactful, organizations working in a community must PARTNER with and EMPOWER those communities. Rather than external voices from wealthy donors directing projects, we believe in listening to the beneficiaries and designing our programs accordingly. This way, our projects can be locally led, sustainable, and have a lasting impact.

Building on this, the team at BTH has spent years collaborating with academic and NGO partners to more effectively design our programs. These include short term experiences in global health (STEGH) for students, and medical service trips (MSTs) for healthcare professionals. See some of our work here, and rate NGOs now at https://www.medicalservicetrip.com