Your generous donations make a difference to so many lives in need.

Our focus is to utilize all donations to help provide areas across Africa and other parts
of the world that do not have access to essential medical and dental health care.

See your donations at work as we provide you with progress reports of our efforts along the way!

Corporate Sponsorship

Our origin story is one of partnership and vision. 

Like all successful organization we too know the benefits to partnering with the right people and businesses. This ability to partner with generous businesses has allowed Bridge To Health to further develop itself into a a well positioned non-profit organization that is dedicated to provided sustainable solutions to long term medical and dental care for residents of numerous impoverished communities around the world. 

You will receive dedicated staff support to help with creating a customized package that will help meet your goals and objectives for you and your organization.  For monetary donations, donations of supplies and equipment, or to donate monthly
with a customized plan, contact us.


Interested in joining Bridge To Health in bringing new medical health projects to life around the world? Apply to become a volunteer with us today!

If you are a Medical, or Dental Health professional or currently in study and working towards graduation in any related field, please contact us. We are ideally looking for experienced or trained professionals that are looking to give back to the community and are looking for new and exciting challenges.

Become a part of the foundation
and heart of Bridge To Health

Volunteering with Bridge To Health means meeting new people, building new relationships, overcoming obstacles and challenges, experiencing life in a new light and above all else; helping those who need it the most.

Bridge To Health volunteer positions offer professional development opportunities to build skills and training, while also serving as a great way to gain internship experience that is in line with your education and career path.

Our volunteers are the foundation and heart of our organization. Over the past years, Bridge To Health has had the pleasure of having many eager and generous volunteers help with brigades worldwide. Join us and be the next face of Bridge To Health in the field.


At Bridge to Health, we aim to change the provision of medical and dental care to rural, isolated communities by challenging the traditional short term clinical mission trip model. We work to build communities through providing sustainable health care services, in partnership with, and guided by, local organizations, local healthcare professionals, and local governments at our host sites.
We are an equal opportunity employer and love diversity! We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status and encourage all suitable candidates to apply to any position available by clicking and viewing any one of the PDF documents below.

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